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It has been a long 2 years of getting through the COVID19 pandemic, and we are so excited for when we will be able to perform for you all again.

Until then we have been working on some very exciting new projects.
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The vocal ensemble les Voix d’Acadie is a four-part, francophone choir made up of approximately 40 members from the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Our mission is to promote and introduce francophone music to all in a learning and creative environment.


The vocal ensemble les Voix d’Acadie was started by Carmen Comeau-Anderson in the fall of 1973. Five individuals have directed the choir over its lifetime: Ida Gaudet Roméro, Irène Comeau, Pierre Perron, Danielle Tardy and currently, André Mallet. While these directors have shared a common goal of promoting French music, each has done so in their own way by varying the repertoire, the concert style and by introducing dance and movements.

The choir’s repertoire covers a variety of musical styles such as contemporary, pop rock, traditional, jazz and classical. The choir has also staged a number of rock-opera classics such as Starmania, Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris. For the 2004 Congrès mondial acadien, the choir commissioned Calixte Duguay, a well known Acadian artist to write a musical, "La grande traversée", which included both text and songs relating the odyssey of the Acadian people.

Over the years, the choir has performed in various Acadian regions of NB and NS, and with a variety of groups, such as Symphony Nova Scotia, the children's choirs of Bois- Joli, Beau Bassin, and Beau Marais schools, and Le Choeur des Aboiteaux. Les Voix d’Acadie has also participated in the Royal Canadian Legion video “Unsung Heroes”.

Les Voix d’Acadie typically performs one concert at Christmas and one in late spring. Each year these shows incorporate a different theme, combining song, choreography, scenery, costumes and lighting. Choir members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the production.


Daniel LeBlanc grew up in the Acadian village of West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. Some of his early musical influences were: his mother, who sang in the church choir and played piano at home; and his grandfather, who played the violin. He does not remember a time when he did not sing in school choirs or church choirs, or simply hum all through the day. His passion for music was further ignited when he joined his music club SARMU. It was during this time that he developed his skills as a solo performer. He also learned to play guitar and piano and decided to study music further.

He earned a music degree with a major in voice in 1989 from St. Francis Xavier University. That same year, he began teaching voice and piano at the Canadian Conservatory of Music (1989-1999) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He also studied voice with Elvira Gonnella (1991-1992) at Dalhousie University. During that time, he performed with a wide variety of musical ensembles: from church choirs and opera companies to quartets and pop bands.

During his time at the Conservatory, he realized that he loved teaching children. He has created various music education programs such as the Musical Friends program: Musical skills for children aged 2 to 5, a musical ensemble of 10 to 13 years, and the Summer Rock program: vocal production and ensemble rehearsal for 14 to 18 years old.

In 1993, he began teaching music at the Armbrae Academy (1993-present) in Halifax. He teaches music classes in elementary school and conducts various choirs and ensembles. He also composes, arranges and directs music for high school music productions.

In 1998, he became Music Director of the Saint John Vianney Catholic Church (1998-2015) in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. He was responsible for the direction of the choirs, the piano and, in general, all the musical needs of the parish.

In 2001, he started his own music course studio (2001-present) in Halifax where he teaches voice, piano and guitar.

In 2017, he became musical director of the vocal ensemble Les Voix d'Acadie. It is a very positive experience for Daniel because the group is made up of wonderfully dedicated people and it's also the first time, since his youth, that he has been part of a musical group dedicated to the promotion of francophone music.

Daniel LeBlanc




Are you over the age of 18 with the desire to sing? Then join us! The ability to read music is not required. All you need is a good ear and sense of rhythm.

Did you know that les Voix d’Acadie is also a choir for francophiles? Singing is a wonderful way to practice your French! While a basic comprehension of the French language is needed, the “accents” all mix together with the musical and social harmonies.

Interested but wondering if you have the time? We rehearse Monday evenings and are also expected to practice our parts at home using MP3 recordings. Additional weekend rehearsals are required during certain times of the year.

Join us!

Practices take place on Monday nights from 7 to 9:30 pm at le Carrefour du Grand Havre school.

The registration fee is $150/year, due in September ($100 for first time members only)



 Serge Desjardins
 1109 - 201C ave. du Portage,
President:Dartmouth, NS, B2X 3T4
 (902) 445-0232


Noël avec Les Voix d'Acadie CD Les Voix d'Acadie
1. Vive le vent
2. Adeste Fideles
3. Tourdion
4. Venez mes enfants
5. Une Vierge féconde
6. Noël blanc
7. Petit Papa Noël
8. Glory Alleluia
9. Nous voici dans la ville
10. Tous les bourgeois de Châtres
11. Joyeux Noël
12. Dormi Jesu
13. Cantique de Jean Racine
14. Medley de Noëls traditionnels
15. Gloria in excelcis
1. Ode à l'Acadie
2. Y'a une étoile
3. Un million de fois je t'aime
4. Suite Française
5. Le p'tit bœuf
6. Petit matin
7. Je ne pourrai jamais vivre sans toi
8. Le chat
9. Vois mon monde
10. L'effet papillon
11. Sous d'autres cieux
12. Rendez-vous
13. Laisse aller
14. Hymne à l'espoir
15. Ave Maris Stella
This first album offers a selection of songs from the traditional to the recent Gloria in Excelcis by the Acadian artist, Paul Gallant. You will hear classics, such as the "Cantique de Jean Racine" by Gabriel Fauré and a few "Noëls anciens" from France, as well as jazz versions of more recent favourites such as "Petit Papa Noël" and "Vive le vent". We hope that this album will provide you with many hours of enjoyment. This CD is a celebration of 40 years of the vocal ensemble les Voix d’Acadie. It is dedicated to past directors who have kept our Acadian voices alive all these years. Take a musical trip through the choir’s history as told through a variety of musical styles, from folklore to jazz, from all corners of the Francosphere.

If you are interested in purchasing these CDs, please contact choristeenacadie@gmail.com


Our Community Partners:

Le Conseil communautaire du Grand-Havre (http://www.ccgh.ca/) La Radio Communautaire – Radio Halifax Metro, CKRH 98, 5MF